The Muncie Arts and Culture Council seeks to create, educate, advocate, nurture, and inspire integration of the arts via civic initiatives and through engagement with individual artists and arts organizations.

The Muncie Arts and Culture Council is the official "Arts Partner" for the City of Muncie. As Arts Partner, we integrate the arts into municipal initiatives that involve Economic Development and Quality of Place. As an arts alliance, we strive to build community among artists and arts organizations, and be a resource that enables professional growth and opportunity.

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Thank you for your interest in the PlySpace Residency.
PlySpace is an artist-in-residence program dedicated to offering visual artists, writers, performers, designers, and other creative individuals time and space to investigate and pursue their own practices. Additionally, it serves as a platform for experimentation and provocation by catalyzing conversation and collaboration with various Muncie communities. PlySpace facilitates various opportunities for residents to engage with the public through partnership and programming that is tailored to their area of interest.

Application Instructions:
1. Fill in personal information in the fields in the application form.

2. Identify whether you would like to be considered for acceptance as a PlySpace Resident, a PlySpace Resident Fellow, or both. Accepted applicants will be placed in one of the two residency options. This decision will be determined based on application content, project proposals, and length of stay. Be aware that Resident Fellows must be in residence for 9 to 12 weeks. For more information about the residency types, see the About the Residency page.

3. Upload 1 pdf document that contains your: 

  1. Artist Statement (250-500 words)
  2. Anticipated Length of Stay 
  3. C.V.
  4. Contact Information for 2 Professional References
  5. Personal Project Proposal (up to one page)
  6. Collaborative Project Proposal (up to one page)
  7. Video image list ( only if videos are being submitted) with link url, title, medium, year information.

 4. Upload up to 10 images of work. These can be images, or an image + web link to a media file.
Applicants submitting only video/film or writing samples need only submit 3 samples.
For image uploads:

  • All images should be uploaded as .jpg files no larger than 1000 pixels on the longest side. 
  • Fill in the metadata fields for title, size, medium, and year, for each artwork. Metadata fields are listed beneath the upload fields on the application.
  • Indicate if the image is a detail shot of another artwork in the metadata title field (i.e. title: my_piece_detail.jpg)

 For video, audio, or media uploads:

  • All video, audio, and media files need to have a still shot .jpg that is uploaded with the web link to the application. If you do not include a still shot, the metadata field with the web link may not be saved. 
  • Actual video and audio files are accessed through a web link to YouTube, Vimeo or Soundcloud.  You will enter this link under the still shot image, in the metadata field for web link. Please also include this link in your video image list .pdf.
  • Other metadata for title, medium, and year should be included for each submission.

 For text or writing uploads:

  • Upload writing samples in pdf format.
  • Fill in the metadata fields for title and year.
  • Up to three writing samples can be uploaded, but the entire portfolio should not consist of more than 30 written pages. 

 5. Pay the submission fee of $25. This fee is non-refundable and due with every submission.  The $25 submission fee will be available until October 25th, at which time the fee will increase to $40. To take advantage of the early submission rate, apply soon before October 25th.

 6. Applications that have been properly submitted will receive a confirmation email.
Questions? Email PlySpace at or check the application guidelines at

Muncie Arts & Culture Council